General Concrete

Our Concrete Has Been Exceeding Expectations for 10 years Straight.

Our equipment has been used in industry with an unmatched 100% track record in performance. All general concrete for every project that we’ve been involved with is produced to meet CSA A23.1/14 and produce all exposure classes of concrete.

Some Of Our Projects Include:

Project Criteria

With respect to CSA A23.1/14, the performance criteria for any project will be:

1. The project specifications for plastic concrete including: slump, air content, consistency, w/cm ratio, age of concrete, temperature, work-ability, place-ability, and finish-ability.

2. The project specifications for hardened concrete include: compression strength/flexural strength as requested, permeability, durability (freeze-thaw, chemical attack, wear resistance) and longevity.

Each of these requirements is measurable, and we have successfully manufactured a product to meet these requirements  of CSA A23.1/14.

Our Promise

What you can rely on:

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