Building Better Concrete™

Concrete Genius is an Industry Leader in Quality Concrete Products

Concrete Genius’s groundbreaking Omni-Mixing Technology™ allows you to get a variety of concrete products all from the same mixer.

With it’s razor sharp measurement accuracy it can produce anything from RCC to flowable fills and virtually everything in between. If there is a creative solution you are looking for talk to our experts today.

Over the last 11 years, our technology has been embraced by countless different government bodies and industries. The technology is currently beyond any other platform on the market, but we’re just getting started.

General Concrete

All general concrete you get from us is produced to CSA A23.1/14 standards. With 9 consecutive years with 100% success rate on third party testing you can trust you’re getting high quality concrete time after time.

Specialty Concrete Products

A toolbox full of specialty products ranging from extremely high density to very low density concretes with any range of set times for virtually all your concrete needs.

Feedlot Compacted Concrete

A specific type of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) designed specifically for the feedlot industry. This product differs from the type of RCC we produce for municipalities and commercial/industrial applications because the feedlot industry comes with its own unique challenges that must be designed to. The recently published government study is showing huge promise for increased revenue by using this product in your feedlot.

Roller Compacted Concrete

RCC is a zero-slump concrete produced directly into a paver and compacted with vibratory forces. This product lasts what will seem like infinitely longer than asphalt and requires little to know maintenance costs for over 20 years. Great for roads, parking lots, lay down yards, etc.

Ready To Build Better Concrete?

As wholehearted concrete enthusiasts, we’re ready to answer your burning questions about our mixing technology or the concrete it produces. We’d love to hear from you.